Well sorry for not posting anything in the blog for a while. I have been a bit busy with some of my work. Looks many things have moved on.So time to get back to business. The inflation has touched 45 months high of 8.1% due to increasing prices for edible oil,industrial fuel. For the week ending 17th May,the Inflation figures have crossed the previous levels of 7.82%.

The steel and cement prices were slashed as measures to contain the inflation,but they had little impact on the inflation figures this time. Prices of skimmed milk powder rose by 7%,imported edible oil were up by 1%,industrial fuels were costlier by 2-3% each. But all these measures taken by the Govt wont be effective as long as the international crude oil prices remain higher than $130/barrel levels.

The latest GDP figures were announced a few days back.The March quarter saw the GDP growing to 8.8% levels, which was more than expected. There was hardly any growth in industrial sector but there was a robustĀ  growth in service sector. All these figures have a lot of impact on the Indian markets.But the inflatio figures have more impact on the markets than the GDP growth rates. It is really a point of worry as far as inflation is concerned. So lets see what the Govt does to contain this and ease the worries of the common people in general and theĀ  Indian markets.

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