The sixth pay commission recommendations which was approved by the Govt of India on Aug 14th 2008 and  announced on Aug 15th has left many people searching for answers for their new pay scales, arrears, pay bands etc. I tried to update the last article on sixth pay commission as much as possible.

Still there were many queries regarding the pay structure and arrears especially from defence service personnels. I have tried a lot to search some related links which led me to the BSF site which  has brought a report. Check the complete report here.

You can check the latest and updated pay calculator as per the latest modifications in the sixth pay commission.Just click on the link below:

Updated Sixth pay commission pay calculator.

Everyone can check their latest pay structure and arrears due to them by just providing the necessary information. The result shows the old pay scale along with the new pay scale and arrears after the implementation of sixth pay commission. You can also check the previous post on sixth pay commission which brings out the  key highlights of the  6th pay commission,pay structures and pay bands.

Check out the latest updates of sixth pay commission  for the pensioners and pay calculator of arrears. Here you can get all the links to download the pension pay calculator and arrears. Some updates on the clarification of increments and promotions for Government employees.

The readers are welcomed to post their queries here and also their feed backs and any latest updates to this. I shall try to answer all of them. If you have liked the information and would like to get any updates you can subscribe to the full feeds of the blog. All the latest news would be mailed to your email IDs you provide.

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