The Sixth pay commission announced on Aug 15th has left many people searching for details about their updated salary structure, arrears. And more than anyone else people who are retired and defence personnels are left out to search these valuable data. I have been trying my best to update all the news related to 6th Pay commission here. After seeing many comments and queries about pension benefits for  pensioners in 6th pay commission, I have come out with the latest updated information about them.

Here are some of the very useful links from Govt websites which are very much authentic and also the pension calculator for the retired persons.

Govt Of India Site For Pensioners : Here you can get many details about pension and retired personnels.

Pension Calculator And Arrears : A very useful link to download the Pension Calculator and Arrears information about the pensioners. Click on the free user on left side. Then wait for about 30 seconds or so and then you will get download icon option. Just download the file and check all the details.

Some more updates to pensioners in 6th pay commission.

as per Table in annexure 5.1.1. of cpc r3eoprt
M.F : 4.267
Pay + Dearness pay as on 1.01.2006 Rs 11190.00
Commutation Amount: Rs. 2984.
D.A. as on 1.1.2006 after revision: 0%
Revised Pay as on 1.1.2006 Rs.15965 (11190*1.4267) (see table 5.1.1 in annex)
Net pension Rs.12981 (15965-2984) less commutation)

prerevised pay+dp Rs.11190.00
DA as 0n 1.1.2006 24% (pre cpc6) Rs. 2686.00
Commutation amount Rs. 2984.00

Pension already drawn as on 1.1.06. Rs. 10892.
increase due to CPC as on 1.01.2006 Rs.12981-10892 = 2089

Pension as on 1.8.2008 Revised: Rs.15535 (D.A.16% + revised pension)
Pension already drawn: 1.8.2008 Rs.13465
Increase due to cpc as on 1.8.2008 Rs. 2070

Percentage increase to already drawn Basic pension+D.P = 2070/11190 *100= 18.5%

Dearness Allowance after CPC approved:
1.01.06 — 0 %
1.07.06 — 2%
1,01.07 — 6 %
1.07.07 — 9 %
1.01.08 — 12%
1.07.08 — 16%

So pensioner get 18.5% increase in their pension.

Source :  Thanks to Mr. Sesha Iyengar Thirumalai.  He has compiled a very good report for the pensioners.

Reports of the 6th Central Pay Commission.

Annex to the report of 6th Pay commission.

Some more useful information and updated Pay calculator after 6th Pay commission. Download the file following the same procedure as explained in the above step. You can leave your valuable comments over here.

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