There is some latest updates which came regarding the sixth pay commission about the clarifications on the Increment and Promotions of Government Employees after Jan 1st,2006. This office memorandum was released on 13th Sept,2008 on the Govt OF India website. It basically deals with some issues where the employees needed a clarification like the date of next increment. Now there will be one uniform datej1st of every year.

As per it, all the employees who got their last increment between 02.01.2005 and 01.01.2006 would be getting their increment on 01.017.2006. There are some clarifications on the method of fixation of pay on promotion after January 1st 2006. Two more issues that it deals with are fixation of pay of the govt employees who were on deputation and who got promoted in the cadre subsequently while still on deputation.The last issue deals with a procedure of placing employees in the new upgraded pay scale in case of merger of scales which were recommended by the 6th pay commission.

A complete detailed report can be found out over here:  You can read the complete analysis of 6th pay commission, pay calculator and much more.

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