For the last few days the Indian share markets are hovering around the crucial 10,000 level in Sensex and 2800-3000 levels in the sensex. There are mixed news coming from different sources. The latest positive news coming in from Indian economy front is the inflation figures which has come down from 10.72% to 8.98%. It was huge sign of relief as far as inflation is concerned. It is the lowest figure since May 31 this year. It has been mainly due to falling crude oil prices world wide and also fall in some commodity prices.

But this hardly brought any smiles on the faces of the investor, as the Indian markets are reacting more to the global economic factors now than the positive cues. Down and Nasdaq have been falling badly of late since sometime now. Dow had fallen by 337 points to close at 8497 levels on last Friday. And Indian markets were also looking sluggish on the last trading day of the week. Sensex fell 151 points to close at 9385 levels and nifty closed at  2810 levels.

The sensex will face resistance at 9800 levels and some support at 9000 levels. The G20 group of companies are also meeting now to discuss the economic turmoil in the US and the world over. Mr.Manmohan Singh is taking part in the meeting to discuss how to bring out positive changes and plan things for the future. And as per the latest news the PMO has ruled out early elections next year owing to the financial turmoil. So all the factors are going to play some crucial roles in the coming days.

Its really a great time and opportunity to invest in the Indian share markets for long term and the stocks are at time low currently. And once this turmoil settles down the markets are very likely to bounce back to greater levels. Now is the time of value investing. Give it a good thought and accumulate some good scripts for long term.

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