The TamilNadu Govt on Sunday announced the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission,thereby increasing the salaries of Govt employees ranging in between Rs 1775 and Rs 7300 per monthly basis. The sixth pay commission arrears would be calculated with effective from Jan 1st 2006 onwards. Indian Govt passed the sixth pay commission report on 15th Aug last year. And on May 31st 2009 it was decided to pass the sixth pay commission for Tamilnadu state.

Tamilnadu Govt will pay the sixth pay commission arrears of  Rs 11,093 crore in three equally divided annual installments starting this year. The pay commission has decided to hike 25% and will double the allowances. This sixth pay commission implementation will benefit about 12 lakh Govt employees from Tamilnadu and more than 6 lakh pensioners who served as state employees in TN.

The effect of the implementation of sixth pay commission in Tamilnadu would impact the Govt budget of about Rs 26,000 crores. By the year 2011, all the sixth pay commission arrears would have been paid by the TN Govt.Some of the key features of the sixth pay commission in Tamilnadu include:

* Annual increment is set at 3% as earlier.

* The grade pay remains the same as in Govt of India.

* Dearness Allowance will also remain same as in the revised Pay Structure issued by Govt Of India.

* The slab rates for HRA & CCA are doubled in the latest sixth pay commission in TN.

* All the allowances have been doubled as per the tamilnadu pay commission.

* Daily allowances has also been doubled in the tamilnadu sixth pay commission.

* The pension has also been modified just like the Govt Of India in the sixth pay commission announcement.

* Minimum pension has been modified from Rs 1,913 to Rs 3,050 under the Tamilnadu Sixth Pay commission structure.

Here are some more latest information and updates on the  sixth pay commission:

* Latest Updates and pay calculator of sixth pay commission.

* Sixth Pay commission For Pensioners.

* A complete package of Sixth pay commission and news here.

You can post your doubts and comments on the sixth pay commission implementation in Tamilnadu here and get them clarified.

More Updates and pay calculator here:
Sixth Pay commission Arrear Calculator and for the pensioners.

Sixth Pay commission Calculator For Small Family Norms Benefit.

We will update more news as and when it comes on the Sixth Pay commission in Tamilnadu.

Check Out The Latest Updates On Government Order in Tamilnadu 6th pay commission

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