The Tamilnadu Government Orders on the 6th pay commission has been made public with all the latest updates on the 6th pay commission arrears, 6th pay commission salary calculator and much more information. We also have seen many comments from the regular readers of the blog on the Tamilnadu 6th pay commission.

Here we have brought complete information on Tamilnadu 6th pay commission and pay calculator from which is basically Tamil nadu government website. The Tamilnadu govt website loads very slow but I have managed to get all the information for our readers. You can click on the below links and get complete information and updates on Tamil nadu government orders for 6th pay commission.

What I have observed from the tamilnadu Government orders on 6th Pay Commission is that they have doubled all the 27 allowances that are given to the Govt employees.The employees has been divided into four grades namely Grade I, II, III, IV. The travel entitlement to the employees are as per the grades in which the employee falls in.

The dearness allowances have also been aligned much like the central govt employees in the 6th pay commission. The rates and sanction dates of the dearness allowances will be same as the central Govt. The latest one being: 22% of basic pay + grade pay with effect from 1st Jan 2009. There are some changes in the pay fixation as per Tamilnadu the 6th pay commission.

On the Tamilnadu 6th pay commission arrears there is news that it will be paid in three equal installments starting from 2009-10.

1. The first installment of 6th pay commission will be paid in 2009-10.
2. The second installment of 6th pay commission will be paid in 20010-11.
3. The third installment of 6th pay commission will be paid in 2011-12.

The existing slab rates in the house rent allowance has also been doubled in the tamilnadu 6th pay commission and it will be effective from 1st June, 2009. There is complete information on the revised pay scales with grade pay of the Tamilnadu 6th pay commission implementation in the links below. It is just like the 6th pay commission salary calculator for Tamilnadu Govt employees. There are many examples inside on how the new pay scales and arrears in the 6th pay commission is arrived. One can easily understand it after going through the links.

There are also details of revision of pension for pensioners and pensionary benefits after the 6th pay commission. More information on this will arrive soon on the updates of Tamilnadu sixth pay commission and 6th pay commission salary calculator for tamilnadu Govt employees. So keep checking the space for more updates.

Here are the links from where you can get more information on Tamilnadu Govt 6th Pay Commission And Government Orders:

* Tamilnadu Revised Pay Scales And Pay Rules After 6th Pay Commission.

* Tamilnadu Govt Order on Allowances Revision After Tamilnadu 6th Pay Commission.

* Tamilnadu Govt Order On travelling Allowances In The 6th Pay Commission Tamilnadu.

* Sixth Pay commission Pension Calculator For Tamilnadu Employees.

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