The 6th pay commission has left many people searching for their new salary and arrears. The pensioners who need more information on sixth pay commission pension calculator and arrears can get more information below.

Some salient features of the 6th pay commission recommendations for pensioners in Tamilnadu:

* All the pensioners including family pensioners will be given an increase of 40% of basic pension.

* The minimum pension under the 6th pay commission for retired Tamilnadu Govt employees is decided at Rs 3050/month.

* In the 6th pay commission in Tamilnadu, the commuted portion will be subtracted from the revised pension.

* There is also an upper limit of the pension in the 6th pay commission for Tamilnadu employees which is 50% of the highest pay in the state Govt. Well the highest pay in the state Govt as of now is Rs 67,000 plus a grade pay of Rs 10,000.

* The dearness allowances given to the employees in the 6th pay commission will be at the same rate which is given to the central govt employees.

* The maximum gratuity or retirement gratuity has been increase from 3.5 lakhs to 10 lakhs in the 6th pay commission.

* With effect from 1-06-2009 the medical allowance for the pensioners in the 6th pay commission has been doubled from Rs 50 to Rs 100 now.

You can easily find a pension calculator for 6th pay commission in Tamilnadu by clicking on the below link and reading ANNEXURE-IV. It has a pension calculator which is explained easily. The link below has many other examples on how your current pension can be calculated and also the arrears. If you have need any clarifications you can leave a comment and get it clarified here.

Sixth Pay Commission Pay Calculator And Arrears For Tamilnadu Govt Employees.

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